Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Units in operation # 02

Almar Trading Co.
                                             Colombo 15.
5000 Liters * 02

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ready for The Domestic Arpico Green Gas Unit Launch - 500 Liters to every house

500 Liters Arpico Green Gas 
Launch    - Near Future
Available - Major Arpico Super Centers 
Price       - Rs. 37,000.00 (Total Package)
Free Activation Service

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Units in operation # 01

Waters Edge Hotel

5000 Liters


Monday, April 9, 2012

Arpico Green Gas Unit - A Potable Bio Gas Plant in Sri Lanka

Arpico Green Gas Unit

Manufactured and Marked by:
  R P C Polymers (Pvt) Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Richard Pieris Co. & Ltd, No.310, High Level Road, Nawinna, Maharagama, Highly diversified public quoted Co. in Sri Lanka, Highly diversified large Conglomerate in Colombo Stock Market. 


  The world is going green and consumers are increasingly making green choices ranging from the food they eat, the way they live and the values they hold important. Businesses need to keep pace with these ever changing demands and deliver their products and services in a way that meets these consumer requirements. The Arpico Green Gas unit is an innovative way to go green responsibly while providing a solution to the problem of organic garbage disposal. It does this by obtaining green gas as an energy alternative and organic compost fertilizer to replace chemical fertilizer.

The unit offers a simple and a cost effective method to go green and provides significant value additions to establishments in any industry. The enclosed brochure details the functionality of the unit and a proposal how it will help you, your company and your industry go green and preserve our planet for generations to come.

  As you know this is a Bio Gas generating process where the Digestion / Gas accumulation carried out by Anaerobic Bacteria. Typical Kitchen waste is the best activator is with highest Calories; Carbohydrate and Sugar, which will make a rapid increase in Bio Gas generation rather than the other organic waste. So I believe this will be a good choice for your garbage disposal while enjoying the following benefits, 
1.      Preserve environment by orderly garbage disposal.
2.      Alternative energy for your cooking ( High pressure Burners)
3.      100% Organic Active Liquid Compost Fertilizer

I hope this concept will interest you. Please give us a time to further discuss and make a presentation in detail.

M.N.M Nabeel
Sales Officer

RPC Polymers (Pvt) Ltd

No. 310, High Level Road,

Tel           :  011 431 0510 / 627
Mobile    :  077 351 0546
Fax         :  011 431 0540